Transition into Barefoot & Minimalist Shoe Running! With the EZ Run Belt!

New and Improved EZ Run Belt with "Stretch Cord Effect" and Padded Ankle Straps! For Pose Method, Minimalist & Barefoot Runners! Never heel strike or over-stride again!!

        Feel the benefit while you run pain- free. And it's fun to wear!!

Be a kid again! It is like training wheels for the legs! Learn to run right!

 Need a coach? Learn how to run pain free with the EZ Run Belt. The next best thing to having your own personal Running coach! Good for runners of all ages and sizes. Endorsed by 2- time Olympic Coach and author. Dr. Nicholas Romanov (referred in Christopher Mcdougall's " Born to Run" New York Times Best Seller).

"Learn the skill of Barefoot Running with the EZ Run Belt"

Instantly improve your running mechanics to run pain free.

Just clip and go! ENJOY!


$69.95 each (tubing included - comes with 3 full sets of resistance tubing (2 pc each))
$35.00 each (tubing not included)
(plus S&H)

Extra Tubing
$15 per set (2 pc.)   Red, Green, & Yellow

x-click-butcc.gifor call 419.874.2911 ORDER TODAY! Why delay your happiness!


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